An impactful UX meets an impactful service

T-REX Group offers its customers managed data service and a saas analytics platform for energy and infrastructure project finance. With over $30 million in funds delivered to clients, their digital house needed a renovation. To ensure their marketing website kept up with their software, they approached HitchHiker to build, a whole new web presence from the ground up.

With the needs clear from the onset, there was not much standing in the way of getting the wheels in motion on this web design and development project. With the challenge of serving two very different markets, we had to split user flows and create a clear hierarchy of content that allows visitors to drill down, as needed, to the content they are looking for. Additionally, we kept the call-to-action clear and brought the pages to life with micro-interactions that reinforced our intended conversion flow.

Driven By

HitchHiker Studio

The result was a beautiful digital experience where-in visitors are funneled through the site using a clear user interface and experience. The site was also created with the T-REX team in mind, making sure they can easily maintain their new web presence. With on-going support and additions to the site, we have since built-in a whole new target market and another layer of content for those looking to do a deep dive.

"Jordan and his team are my go-to for graphic design and website development. The creativity combined with technical expertise and client management skills make for a really terrific work product. HitchHiker makes complex/loaded projects much easier to navigate. Highly recommend them as a creative partner!"