eCommerce from the ground up

Rare Fox is a lifestyle brand that focuses on esoteric and ancient symbols with a goal of “inspiring thought through apparel” (see what we did there?). Needing everything from a name and logo, to an eCommerce website and digital marketing efforts, HitchHiker stepped in to help.

Our goal was clear. Create, from the ground up, a thought invoking brand that lured in its viewer both online and at festivals around the United States. The brand needed to be timeless and resonate with a younger crowd while bringing in fans who have spent their whole lives in the circuit.

Driven By

HitchHiker Studio

After a lot of iteration, we settled on a name that is both simple to read but envokes a mystery. Building on the name, we settled on a branding approach that allowed the products offered to stand out. With the launch of the eCommerce site and a drip campaign to keep visitors involved, we set Rare Fox free into the world.

"This is the most unique festival wear I've seen. After following the dead for 20 years, it's great to see something other than tye-dye"