All eyes on your brand


At the crossroad of storytelling and visual impact

The cornerstone of any successful business is its brand. That’s why we put so much love into this particular part of your journey. We’ve done everything from refreshing preexisting logos to building a brand from the naming process up. This unique insight allows us to tailor our process to suit your specific needs.

How we do it

Cheney working on the Branch.Fund logo
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Every project starts the same. We want to hear your story, see the passion that drives your business, and immerse ourselves in your industry.  This will fuel the team’s vision through the entirety of the project.

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To better inform our decisions, we aim to focus on your target audience. By creating personas, we get to meet examples of your client, allowing us to explore their values and aspirations.

Service number 3


Once we get to know you, it’s time to put pen to paper so to speak. Starting with a large exploratory, we’ll take your concept through rounds until we focus in on something that’s unquestionably you.

Service number 4


A strong logo is just the start of a fully developed brand. Now we’ll arm you with strong supporting elements including colors, font, and voice. This cohesive digital toolbox will ensure consistency across all your materials.

Service number 5


What good is that beautiful new brand if it’s not properly implemented? Whether it’s your Linkedin page or a business card, we help you maintain your brand’s vision far into the future.

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