From concept to creation in two weeks

Focused on alternative financial solutions, Branch.Fund started as nothing more than an idea from a prospective client. Not only did he not have a brand in place, he didn’t even have a name! Wanting to get the operation up as soon as possible, Paul asked us what we could do. With quick action on both sides, we were able to hit the ground running on a process that can normally take 4-6 months to see move from conception to deployment.

The goal was clear; create a brand, from the naming to the website, as quickly and effectively as possible. The brand had to stand out in a saturated market of lenders and brokers where building client trust is a must. We also knew there was a lot of industry know-how needed to help craft the messaging and speak not only to those coming to get funds, but also those who operate with Branch.Fund on a B2B level.

Driven By

HitchHiker Studio

Within 2 weeks we were able to complete the project and get the brand live and customers coming through the site. This project showcases how loosening the reigns and letting the professionals guide the process can quickly and beautifully achieve a top-tier brand without needing a mountain of capital.

"The one thing I keep hearing is "Where did you find these guys? Can I hire them next?"